3 thoughts on “Officer Who Shot Ashli Babbitt is Formally Exonerated

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  2. Little liar wasn’t in the building just a sick imagination she makes up stories I don’t think she should be at capital need to be in a mental hospital or jail with all the other swamp liars poor little whore

  3. Clearly the Officer, Capital Police administration & Cali-hag millionairess Pelosi are hiding behind the rules they have bent in order to exonerate a so-called homicide perpetrator.
    So what if the mystery shooter & family are getting flack. Capital Police operate under rules every freakin Democrat would object to if the crime happened anywhere else.

    The facts will come out, Ashli’s family will be compensated, a problematic Capital Police Officer will go to jail & the special non-disclosure rules that the Capital Police operate under will finally be changed.

  4. Funny how some cops go to prison for over 20 years for shooting a drug addicted criminal that held a gun to a pregnant woman stomach went to prison and then got out and continued to be a drug addict/criminal. But it’s apparently ok to shoot an unarmed woman who did nothing wrong. So I guess as long as democrats support the cop who did the killing then it’s ok. God this world has gone to hell fast with lying scum oh I mean democrats in charge. Karma will take care of this so called cop and the democrats who supported the exoneration just hope when Karma comes it’s long and painful.

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