14 thoughts on “‘Jeopardy!’ Drama: Ken Jennings Ushered Out on First & Only Day of Filming as New Host

  1. Jeopardy is going to end up being permanently cancelled and I don’t blame it for happening. All these cry babies-are doing so much harm to everything. All everyone wants is to be a dictator. Get rid of the cry babies

  2. Just put Ken Jennings in the position and move on. He obviously has a deep love for Alex and Jeopardy.

  3. Ken Jennings is the obvious choice. So many reasons why and yet contemplating other choices is causing a ridiculous uproar. Hire Ken and get it done.

  4. Quit the junk that’s going on! Alex would be so embarrassed for Jeopardy! Choose Ken and get on with the program! He shows a lot of respect for Alex and the game show!

  5. I enjoyed the guest hosts instead of a regular host. Keep the guest hosts going. I’m soon going to stop watching if this drama doesn’t stop.

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