7 thoughts on “Entire Texas Town Closes Due To Covid-19 Cases

  1. I don’t understand people who cannot decide on their own to take caution and on their own decide to wear a mask and/or distance. Why does it take a “mandate”? Have people lost all common sense? I live in Florida and I wear a mask every time I go out and distance when inside even though there is no “mandate” from the governor or president. There is no vaccine for stupid.

    1. If your mask works so good then it doesn’t matter what others do. So I think there’s enough stupid to go around on both side of this.

    2. People should decide for themselves is right and I look at mask wearers and Vaccine takers and say – Pfft but its their right. I look at people like me who understand the truth and if they get sick, as do more who wear the mask and distance themselves and even take the vax I say: Amen to their right to chose what is best for them and their families. Your own natural immunity is whats best for humanity as it has always been until man made bio weapons like Covid 19 were made in a lab.
      People have become the lab rats and most dont even get it, but you will when you start dying of the common cold, blood clots in your lungs brain and heart.
      Do not be fooled these diapers and removal of human contact is not the answer nor is the Vax it is a death sentence now or sometime in the next 3 years

  2. When you dont treat covid this is what you get – when your hospitals get paid $35,000 for a vent – well they dont care who dies, why bother to treat when you can make money?

  3. About 1.5 million illegals have come here they are not being tested for covid. One town in Texas put up a covid tents for them. They are spreading the virus

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