2 thoughts on “Cuomo Blames ‘Political Pressure and Media Frenzy’ in Farewell Speech

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  2. In the case of Governor Cuomo it is a sad day indeed. People are so fast to judge and accuse. In listening to the news reports there was no mention of far more harassing details that many women have had to endure. In these workplace situations you just ask or tell a man or woman that what they did made you feel uncomfortable. In the dynamics of a male and female role people are attracted to someone and may flirt. This should not warrant a person to loose a career. These actions of today will have people afraid to speak or look at one another at the workplace. A definite line has to be drawn. Even in the case of the Jeopardy host. Can’t more attention be paid to more important issues than a remark made in humor be it bad taste.

    1. Funny when it’s a democrat all is either not true or should just be forgiven but if it’s a conservative then you want them hung. I don’t believe any woman who waits years to come forward and only does so when they can get the most attention or they’re looking for money. I know I don’t believe any of them whether democrat or republican. Now it’s apparently Bob Dylan’s turn from 19 fricken 65 no proof just a story, these women make me sick!!!!

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