Trump Booed at Alabama Rally After Urging Crowd to Get COVID Vaccine

Donald Trump can say just about anything to his base and they will cheer … anything, with one big exception — urging folks to get the vaccine.

Trump was booed — yes booed — during a rally in Cullman, Alabama Saturday night, after urging the crowd to get the COVID shot. “I believe totally in your freedoms,” he said. “I do, you gotta do what you gotta do, but I recommend taking the vaccines. I did it. It’s good.”  You’d think he just told them to surrender their guns, because the crowd turned on him.

“That’s okay, that’s alright,” Trump said, pressing on. “But I happen to take the vaccine. If it doesn’t work, you’ll be the first to know. But it is working. You do have your freedoms, you have to maintain that.”

And, there’s more. Trump has bragged in the past about his “good relationship” with the Taliban.

At the rally, Trump praised the Taliban as “great negotiators” and “tough fighters.” He also said, “with me in office the Taliban would not have ever dreamt of capturing our airfield or parading around with our American weapons.”

He even suggested we might send our troops back to Afghanistan … curious, since he’s the one who set the wheels in motion for the withdrawal.

Back to COVID … Alabama has run out of ICU beds. In fact … they’re 29 beds above capacity.

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  1. Don’t be putting down President Trump. Why didn’t you mention the crowd telling him they loved him.

  2. Trump losing support with his still constant order to get the Death Shot !
    His constant push for Big Pharma tells us he is part of the OWG and lowering the population as the OWG calls for ! !
    And never think for one minute that he got the Death jab – he didn’t ! NO ONE of the top people did ! .. IT was all faked to bribe the public into it ! .. THEY ALL want you dead !

    Beware of the deceptions !

    1. You should seek help! You have no proof Trump didn’t get the shot like he says he did. I haven’t gotten vaccinated and I am also a huge Trump supporter. Trump isn’t losing any support because he tells people to get vaccinated he isn’t the one wanting to make it mandatory. I make up my own mind and let others do the same. I know plenty of people who are vaccinated and they aren’t dead. Beware of nut jobs.

  3. That’s because he was the one who downplayed the virus in the first place. I booed him then, he doesn’t deserve accolades now!

    1. Typical lying liberal response! Trump was the one shutting down travel to China while Pelosi the b itch was waking thru China Town hugging people and telling them not to be afraid. Seriously watch some real news for a change you might learn something!

  4. Anonymous I don’t ever watch FOX so your pathetic attempt at an insult failed You watch the losers on CNN and MSNBC you like to be lied to you’re a liberal. I’m sure you’re a loser Biden supporter and I’m sure you just love Harris the nasty old w hore! Both are unqualified trash and need to be evicted from the White House since they didn’t win cheating isn’t winning.

  5. I will believe what ever Trump says before I would believe anything that Biden or the Democratic party says. And I also believe that the American people feel a lot safer with Trump in charge of our country and the safety of its people. And further more after being investigated by the Corrupt Democratic party throughout his term he has been found to be the most crime free Politician in office till this day. And until all the Politicians in our country are investigated like Trump was, they could be guilty of crimes that we don’t know about yet.

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