7 thoughts on “New ‘Jeopardy!’ Host Mike Richards Steps Down – Some Fans Urging Mayim Bialik to Follow Suit

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  2. Not a fan of Bialik but coming after someone because you don’t agree about vaccines is stupid. She chose not to vaccinate her kids but then turns and takes the covid shot makes no sense but she in entitled to make her own choices. Just like I chose to vaccinate my kids when they were young it and have no intention of getting the covid vaccinate. To each their own it’s a free country I think democrats have forgotten that being they always want someone to quit, resign or be fired if you disagree with them.

    1. Its not a Free Country. We have rules and laws that everyone follows. You can’t do whatever you like. Can you go into a movie theater and yell FIRE ? Can you swear at someone loudly in a public place without the cops showing up ? You don’t have any “freedoms” that threaten the welfare of everyone else, and when ignorant people like you don’t get vaccinated and wear a mask because you are so pathetic and unnoticed that you have to take a public stand, you threaten the rest of the people in this Country who actually care about someone besides themselves. This vaccine isn’t new, its updated from the last SARS outbreak. And many other ignorant right wingers, have had flu shots which makes no sense whatsoever. Maybe try getting you information from somewhere besides Fox News, and you may actually deserve to wave the flag and be proud to be an American. Until than, for the sake of the rest of us, be quiet.

  3. totally disgusted with the way this has been handled. This is showing total disrespect for Alex Trebek. The show has lost all credibility after all the wonderful years that Alex made it the great show it was.

    1. Alex was an arrogant, self-righteous jerk who had no respect for women. And you have to wonder what kind of life he had where he had to patheticly keep hosting a game show at 80. Bye bye to him and his sanctimonious bible category

  4. This is exactly the issue posting too much of your personal views or opinions on social media’s. It comes back to bite you. People use to have true freedom of speech and choice. Now it is with opinions that may cause you the opportunity of a great career. So she did not give her children all those vaccines. Have you asked are they sickly or healthy? We have choices and are always full of opinions on the decisions others make. Does it truly affect anything in your life? A big no. Maybe this should open up your eyes be careful what you post on these social platforms. Being a long time fan of Jeopardy get a host with charisma and humor someone not too boring or stiff. My opinion.

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