9 thoughts on “Taliban step up door-to-door hunts killing people with links to the West

  1. News people need to get out…not safe there under these terrible terrorists who are killing people Ruthlessly….the Afghans who have been trained for 20years need to step up and fight for their people!

  2. Biden is a traitor to the Afghan people and to USA pure and simple. If he had half a brain, should resign and apologize and state he no longer mentality able to handle the job, not parrot whatever he given to speak.

      1. Anyone could do better! Biden is a moron that cheated his way into the job! Americans know that 80 million people didn’t vote for a demented old man and a nasty old w hore, spare us your BS!

  3. The Biden administration is an abject failure that is once again placing our troops in harms way because of their decision to pull out our troops prematurely. What moron thought it prudent to pull out our armed forces before evacuating fellow Americans and those that helped our troops during their deployment in Afghanistan? And I would like to know which moron decided to leave before destroying the cache of weapons, armed vehicles, Blackhawk helicopters, etc…. so that they wouldn’t fall into enemy hands?
    Top officials, including this President, are a disgrace, who do nothing but lie. No American or ally trying to reach the airport is being harmed? Really? Videos dispute this. If you are caught behind enemy lines and in need of evacuation, all Americans just need to call or email the White House. Really? If you are an American and or ally and want evacuated from behind enemy lines just come to the airport, but we can not promise you safe transport until after you reach the airport. Really? They should all loose their jobs, and the top army brass (General Millie) should face a court martial for this debacle.
    I’m tired of top officials, who put our boys in the armed forces in harms way because of their feckless inept decisions. They make these convoluted inept decisions because they have no skin in the game. Maybe if one of their own children were on the front line, they would put more thought into the decisions they make and how it will effect the rest of us.
    We all know that Biden has a cognitive deficit and can’t make a rational decision. He can’t even find the door to the White House without someone holding his hand. What I want to know, is who is pulling the strings behind the scene? Because as far as I know, they were not elected. If it’s Kamala Harris, God help us all.

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