7 thoughts on “Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Reportedly Confirm What We Suspected All Along

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  2. What an idiot! He has no idea how good he had it and now he is saddled with a trailer trash ………! I wonder what color the new baby is since the boy doesn’t appear to have one single drop of black blood.

  3. Harry needs to grow a set, this woman doesn’t have any sense of family. Megan doesn’t care how bad she tears up this family it’s all about her, she’s pathetic!

  4. Perhaps Harry should sign himself into a mental institution as he keeps saying he has issues and is always harping on mental instability anytime he can and has charities in mental health. I for one am sick to death of his and Megan’s harping on the royal family. No family is perfect and neither is Harry and Megan’s or even Harry or Megan, themselves perfect. They keep up their antics about the Royal Family and they will earn the ire of the majority of the world’s population. I wish they would tape their mouths shut! On good thing for me is that Megan, who so desperately wanted to be a princess and live a life of ease, money and loll around all day playing pretty is that Megan isn’t a princess in any sense of the term. She got what she wanted and slammed it in everyone’s face! She is a two faced gold digger.

  5. How very sad; it’s just a complete re-do of “Edward and Wallis”! Harry and mucky Meg will go down in history as the “forgotten” part of the Royal Family.

  6. I really don’t get all the drama. There was a chance Archie could have had darker skin. There are real incidences that mixed race parents have had a white child and a black child. Meghan should have been aware of the chances, however Harry on the other hand may not have thought of it if she didn’t tell him.

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