Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Reportedly Confirm What We Suspected All Along

Though Prince Harry and Meghan Markle don’t appear to have spoken publicly about the royal family’s response to their Oprah Winfrey interview, sources have revealed what royal watchers have suspected ever since the queen responded publicly — they aren’t happy.

People shared an excerpt from the reissued version of the Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand book, “Finding Freedom,” in which it’s claimed by a friend of the couple that Harry and Meghan didn’t appreciate the wording in Kensington Palace’s statement. “The queen’s ‘recollections may vary’ comment did not go unnoticed by the couple, who, a close source said, were ‘not surprised’ that full ownership was not taken,” the book claims (via Daily Mail). “‘Months later and little accountability has been taken,’ a pal of Meghan added. ‘How can you move forward with that?'”

It’s been thought for a while by royal watchers that the two weren’t thrilled with the queen’s response, as the couple have continued to share not exactly the nicest things about their time as senior royals since.

During a May appearance on Dax Shephard’s “Armchair Expert” podcast, Harry suggested his dad, Prince Charles, had “suffered” because of the way the queen and Prince Philip had brought him up, which he claimed was passed down to him. He added he wanted to “break the cycle” of “pain,” which it’s thought was likely pretty upsetting for the queen to hear.

Finding Freedom’s latest revelations could prove to be the ‘final straw’ for Prince Harry and the royal family

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When it was confirmed Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand’s royal bombshell book, “Finding Freedom” would be getting new chapters, it was reported that the updated content could prove to be the “final straw” for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship with the royal family. With their relationship already very much strained, royal expert Duncan Larcombe claimed to Britain’s Closer in May, “If more negative information comes out about the royals, or in-depth details of any personal conversations between Harry and his family after [Prince Philip’s] funeral are revealed, that really will be the final straw.”

He added that anything too negative would likely “be it” and “there will be no chance of a reconciliation ever and all trust will be broken.” Larcombe continued, “How could anyone from the royal family trust them again if the intimate details of conversations were leaked? Why would they want anything more to do with them? Those chapters will be extremely telling as to the state of the royal rift as it stands now, and to where it’ll head in the future.”

As royal watchers will already know, Meghan confirmed in November 2020 court documents that she gave permission to a friend to speak about her life to the authors because she wanted to ensure “the true position” about her dad, Thomas Markle was “communicated to the authors to prevent any further misrepresentation” (via Vanity Fair).

Royal experts think the queen will have found Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s public comments ‘deplorable’

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Aside from the statement retort to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, Queen Elizabeth II has mainly stayed quiet in public about her grandson and granddaughter-in-law. However, royal experts have speculated about how she probably feels regarding the two repeatedly speaking out.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams claimed to Daily Star in June that he believes the queen “will have found the way the Sussexes have handled things… deplorable.” He added that the monarch likely took Harry and Meghan’s outspokenness personally, noting, “She has realised how unhappy they were, but speaking out in the way they have is a totally different thing,” while calling the two’s multiple comments about their time as senior royals “very damaging.”

It’s been no secret that the royals were particularly perturbed by the couple’s interview with Winfrey. While they usually stay quieter about personal matters, tensions were so high that Harry’s brother Prince William made the unusual move to speak out to the press shortly after the interview aired in March. During an appearance in London alongside his wife, Kate Middleton, William was asked by a reporter (via BBC), “Is the royal family a racist family, sir?” He hit back, “We’re very much not a racist family” before adding that he hadn’t yet spoken to Harry but he “will do.”

It seems like the drama between Harry and his family is still far from over.

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  1. What an idiot! He has no idea how good he had it and now he is saddled with a trailer trash ………! I wonder what color the new baby is since the boy doesn’t appear to have one single drop of black blood.

  2. Harry needs to grow a set, this woman doesn’t have any sense of family. Megan doesn’t care how bad she tears up this family it’s all about her, she’s pathetic!

  3. Perhaps Harry should sign himself into a mental institution as he keeps saying he has issues and is always harping on mental instability anytime he can and has charities in mental health. I for one am sick to death of his and Megan’s harping on the royal family. No family is perfect and neither is Harry and Megan’s or even Harry or Megan, themselves perfect. They keep up their antics about the Royal Family and they will earn the ire of the majority of the world’s population. I wish they would tape their mouths shut! On good thing for me is that Megan, who so desperately wanted to be a princess and live a life of ease, money and loll around all day playing pretty is that Megan isn’t a princess in any sense of the term. She got what she wanted and slammed it in everyone’s face! She is a two faced gold digger.

  4. How very sad; it’s just a complete re-do of “Edward and Wallis”! Harry and mucky Meg will go down in history as the “forgotten” part of the Royal Family.

  5. I really don’t get all the drama. There was a chance Archie could have had darker skin. There are real incidences that mixed race parents have had a white child and a black child. Meghan should have been aware of the chances, however Harry on the other hand may not have thought of it if she didn’t tell him.

  6. This reminds me of King Edward and the woman he loved Wallas. Only they were more dignified in their separation from the Royal Family – NOT like the two clowns Harry and Megan. Harry is a fool and being led around by the nose by Megan. She is his undoing. She destroyed her own family now she is out to destroy his.

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