4 thoughts on “Report of Explosive in Truck Near Capitol

  1. Never found who left the pipe bombs despite cameras being everywhere. Now undetonated explosives. Sounds like another FBI plot to cast Trump supporters as terrorists. Sounds like the Whitmer plot which was set up by and basically run by the FBI. Same as Jan 6th. If stupid people would stop falling for their schemes and getting caught up in their false flags we would all be better off. You are just helping them convince people that all Trump supporters are domestic terrorists by acting like idiots and becoming their patsy’s. Wake up and start using your brains. You are being used to help paint all conservatives as crazies.

    1. You are correct! According to DHS Secretary Mayoirkas, we are all domestic terrorists because we refuse to buy into their BS. They refuse to do their jobs like control the border, but we are the bad guys. Give me a break!

  2. Pro Trump rioters did not storm the Capitol – quit lying about January 6th! And if this story is true about a truck with explosives, then move him to a better location and not the Library of Congress. What does he have against books? His target needs to be about 90 percent of all democrats and republicans.

  3. I would not want to be a police tow truck operator or car pusher if the man might actually have a bomb.

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