Pope Accepts Resignation From Bishop Who Masturbated on Video Call

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of a Brazilian bishop after images circulated on social media last week of the bishop seminude and masturbating during a video call with another man.

Tomé Ferreira da Silva had been bishop of the Diocese of São José do Rio Preto, which covers more than half a million Catholics in the state of São Paulo. The Vatican announced his resignation Wednesday.

Ferreira, who has been investigated by the Vatican previously, has said the man in the video is indeed him, according to Brazilian media. He said he believed it was released by someone he lives with, and he has reported the matter to local police.

In 2018, the Vatican looked into allegations that Ferreira had ignored reports of sexual abuse in the dioceses “and had exchanged sexual messages with an adolescent,” the Associated Press notes. He then gave up his position as coordinator of the Ribeirao Preto archdiocese, of which São José do Rio Preto is part, but remained bishop. He said his resignation as coordinator was due to personal considerations.

Also, in 2015, he was “accused of taking a large amount of money from the church and giving it to his driver, with whom he allegedly had a romantic relationship,” according to the AP. He said none of this was true.

The Vatican’s process of removing bishops normally takes months or even years, but it acted swiftly in the case of Ferreira, likely because the video was “the final straw” after the previous allegations, the AP reports. The Catholic Church has often been accused of being too slow to take action on sexual abuse by clergy members.

It has remained intolerant of gay priests, and clergy members take a vow of celibacy, promising to refrain from sexual activity with people of any gender. And faithful Catholics are expected to engage in sex only within heterosexual marriage. Francis has sometimes struck a welcoming note toward LGBTQ+ people but has made clear the church still considers same-sex relationships a sin.

Original Article: https://www.advocate.com/religion/2021/8/18/pope-accepts-resignation-bishop-who-masturbated-video-call

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  1. So what else is new ? The Catholic church has been harboring and hiding those perverts’ for years.

  2. Anyone who continues to stay in this religion after all this horrific behavior by it’s leaders has been exposed and is well know among all of its adherents is now complicit with the institution. These are not a few bad leaders in a few isolated places. This institution has become rotten and evil to the core. If you all leave it will collapse without your money and your support. There are already many real and faithful Catholics who have left and you need to leave also. You do not owe them anything. They are not a true religion. True religion takes care of the poor and vulnerable. They do not exploit them. Get out with your soul intact while you still can or you will face the same judgement they are going to face. They lie to you when they tell you that you can only be saved through their church. They have completely corrupted themselves. Read the Bible for yourself and find out what it really teaches. They do not even follow the very teachings of Jesus. No man neither Pope or King has the authority to over rule and change anything Jesus taught. You do not need a priest to tell you what the Bible teaches. All you have to do is read it for yourself. It is very simple to understand.

  3. We know now that after 50 years of grooming, adverse selection, and proactive sponsorship of disordered men, the vast majority of bishops and priests today are actively practicing homosexuals, living secretly depraved and perverted lives. And now under Francis, we can be pretty sure this perversion goes all the way to the top of the Church and out every branch; into virtually every diocese, parish, and rectory.

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