Man Shoots Wife’s Boyfriend Who Was Secretly Living In Their House

Two men were shot over the weekend after a woman’s husband learned her boyfriend was allegedly secretly living in their house.

According to WKRG-TV, Tracy Reeves reportedly told her husband Frank Reeves on Sunday evening that there was an intruder in their house. Frank allegedly grabbed his gun and fired at the suspected intruder, Michael Amacker.

WALA-TV reports Amacker suffered gunshot wounds to his lower leg and elbow. Frank Reeves was shot in the chest. Both men were transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.

According to WALA, Mobile County Sheriff’s Office investigators reportedly discovered Tracy Reeves and Amacker had been in a relationship for over a year. Tracy Reeves allegedly let Amacker stay in their home, though her husband had no idea.

Mobile County Sheriff’s Office Captain Paul Burch told WALA Amacker and Tracy Reeves were allegedly high on meth when the shooting occurred.

Burch told WKRG, “She had been allowing him to stay within the home for a couple of days, providing him food. There were bottles of urine in the room, which indicated he had been in there for a little while.”

During an interview with WKRG, Burch said investigators “believe this to be a murder-for-hire type situation.”

Mobile County Jail records show Amacker was booked on charges of possession/receiving controlled substance, possession of a firearm, and attempted murder. According to WKRG, Amacker may face federal charges because he is already a convicted felon.

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