3 thoughts on “Man Sues After Bear Surprised Him in Dumpster

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  2. Only in California the land of it’s always someone else’s fault. The bears should either be moved for euthanized sometimes there is just too many. This is why other states don’t want people moving there from California they ruined their state and now want to move to yours and destroy that too.

    1. It’s people who are moving into what already is, bear country. I say, more in at your own peril.

  3. So, Mr. Donaldson and his wife rent a cottage in an area known to be frequented by bears, and not more than a few miles from wilderness, where bears are known to live. He is surprised by this bear, who never touches him, and now he is suing because he tripped over his own feet. Considering that bears not able to get into dumpsters are entering people’s homes, Mr. Donaldson could have gotten a far worse scare than a bear in a dumpster, like a bear in his kitchen at three AM. Situational awareness is a critical skill when you are anywhere near wilderness.

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