Woman Finds Glitch In The Matrix After Asking Question To Herself In The Mirror

This is the moment a woman thought she’d found a glitch in the matrix when she followed some instructions on TikTok:

Caitlin Byrne took to the video sharing platform and told viewers she was ‘off to cleanse’ after feeling freaked out by the video.

On her TikTok account (@Caitlin_Byrne), she followed some directions to go to a mirror and film herself saying: “I am you, you are me, this is my body.”

After doing so, Caitlin had to stare at herself for a couple of seconds and people got creeped out by the results.

Credit: TikTok/caitlin_byrne
Credit: TikTok/caitlin_byrne

In response to the video, one person asked: “Is it me or does your face change?”

Another wrote: “Mirrors are portals. Seal and cover them when not in use! Definitely shouldn’t have it facing your bed either!”

In response, Caitlin said: “Lock it and you’ll be fine! This video was done when I had unlocked it to clean it (personal family practice) and I locked it after.”

Someone else commented on the clip saying: “I did and my eyes weren’t moving in the mirror even though I was moving them.”

Replying to them, Caitlin said: “Some people believe demon, others believe your alternate reality self.”

Credit: TikTok/caitlin_byrne
Credit: TikTok/caitlin_byrne

Another TikToker that tried it said: “I just did it and felt a heavy feeling pushing me towards the mirror, I don’t know how to cleanse.”

Someone else wrote: “I used to do this as a kid and it would make me disassociate really bad and get anxiety. I don’t know what compelled me to always do it.”

On Reddit, someone asked whether anyone had tried it and in response, one person commented: “I did it! Nothing happened and nothing weird has happened since.

“I’m not scared to look in the mirror and there’s nothing creepy about it. It’s just a stupid trend someone made up, the spirit realm isn’t real people are just trying to scare you.”

Another suggested trying an ‘optical illusion’, writing: “You look into your eyes in a mirror for a long time without blinking, your face starts to seem unfamiliar and change.

“Which is the source of the bloody mirror challenge and a bunch of other mirror games. It’s all cool brain tricks, nothing scary.”

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