4 thoughts on “Johnny Depp Says He’s Being Boycotted by Hollywood

  1. Just seems stupid and wasteful to to make a movie then delay releasing it because of an actors private life. Johnny Depp gives his whole self in every movie i have seen him in. I enjoy his movies and hope things can go better for him. Try to think positive dude. Try not to allow hater to dismay you Please! I Hope Good Karma will come your way and allow you to Shine. Many,Many Fans Rooting for You! 🙂

  2. I love when these losers eat their own. They are all about boycotting something bet when it happens to them then it’s a different story.

  3. Johnny Depp is right.Hollywood is boycotting him.We all know that his ex is a nut job.He proved she lied about physical abuse he said never happened? Why are people,including rag papers,wanna-be reporters(TMZ),and the courts still siding with her? Why hasn’t these people apologized to him and thrown her in prison and give him what he asks for? He’s owed both the apology from everyone who’s against him,and to have his movie IMMEDIATELY RELEASED! There are many of us who are his TRUE FANS and we want to see his movie.Come on Hollywood.Do the right thing.
    Richard K.Lindemann

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