4 thoughts on “‘Evil’ mother made daughter, 3, perform TikTok dances weeks before killing her

  1. They should have received the death penalty for murdering an innocent child i.e. Infanticide. When will this judicial stupidity stop? Most likely they will kill again as the majority of homicidal maniacs kill multiple times. Death is the only solution that will stop them from killing again and again.

  2. There is only one way to deal with human miscreants like these two. The DEATH PENALTY, society’s ultimate punishment must apply to scumbags who kill & murder persons 13 years & under.
    Fair trial, appeal, then sentence carried out.

  3. This story breaks my heart. So you can beat a child to death and only get 14 years in prison.. That little baby suffered at the hands of crazy people. They should have received the same sentence that they put that child through. Let someone beat them to DEATH

  4. They need to sterilize them both seeing how their sentences are so damn short. And they should be barred from being in the company of any children ever again. No child is safe around either of them.

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