5 thoughts on “Dad Fatally Stabbed While Defending Daughter From Boys Harassing Her

  1. This is the crap happening in America too from BLM and Antifa with police not doing anything about it!

    1. Thats because they have been bought and paid for by George Soros owned groups! And the candidates that run for local office and school boards are funded by them as well. Until we all wake up and actually dig deep into who is funding these campaigns (who are the share holders of the company) before voting for them because they said something that sounded good we will get more of same, we also need to understand our election process and demand change if it can be manipulated. I dug into Wuhan Lab in beginning of Jan 2020 majority share holders are George Soros and Bill Gates. They also recently bought out completely the covid testing company. Coincidence? Those two also own Mansanto “round up weed killer” If you do not know who he is do a search you should come across some interviews, that is the man behind antifa and blm in ALL countries, he has funded campaigns clear down to school board members, local judges and DAs why do you think none of them get charged if they do get arrested. This is way bigger than just the Presidential office! They have been indoctrinating our youth and making sure cost of living requires both parents work so majority has no choice but to send kids to school and to damn tired to dig into what us actually being taught let alone attend school board meetings. I have to hand it to them they have played the long game brilliantly! But its unfolding as people are starting to wake up and learn the people have the power not government not ngo’s I just pray enough are awake!!!

    2. What! this is happening across the board. Not just to specific groups! A lot of other sensational killings happen, but they are not shown on mainstream TV, they’re shown on TV programs or Nancy Grace! Police need more support and communication to solve these crimes. Are you helping? I think not.

    3. Can you blame the police? If so, how? They have been vilified by the leftest media and democratic politicians because they are carrying out the laws as written by these very politicians. They face threats of having special protections taken from them that would render them helpless against frivolous lawsuits filed against them by the very criminals they put behind bars. They have been threatened to be prosecuted and thrown in prison if one mistake is made while confronting a threat. You have feckless prosecutors who refuse to prosecute criminals for the laws they break, and you have activist judges who don’t do their due diligence in carrying out the laws as written.
      I couldn’t blame any police officer for walking off the job in the toxic environment that the left has created in what we call present day America. In fact, I couldn’t and would not blame the police if they went on a nation wide strike and all walked off their jobs at the same time. Until Americans across our nation, feel the pain from the actions they have taken, or lack there of, nothing will change. We need to demand that the leaders who we place into office, actually fulfill their obligations according to our written laws, and if they do not, we the people must take action to throw the bums out of office.

  2. When will we stop electing these \leftist Asshats. Thank God I live in Arizona where I can carry a gun.

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