6 thoughts on “California Dad Shot Fishing Spears Into His Children Because They Had “Serpent DNA”

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  2. This is enquirer news. What the heck does mentioning that the insane man was a q anon follower have to do with his mental illness. The followers of AntiFa and BLM and every leftist group is just as insane, Burning down American cities is not normal.
    This is just shock story, disgusting and using this hardship for the mother to try to draw a conclusion that this happened because he is Qanon supporter is sick!

    1. I agree!! The man was mentally ill BEFORE being a qanon follower if he even was one. I have looked at that website and I have looked at bom and antifa website I am not a follower of any. I do my own research from all sources and use critical thinking to form my educated opinion. That Qanon reference was irrelevant and how do they even know that??? It doesnt say he told police it doesnt say they interviewed him or the mother, so what is their source for that information? If a person cannot use a critical mind and differentiate between reality and yeah thats a lil far fetched. You have some underlying issues. People need to realize when they are being misled by the nose and start asking logical questions. The past 2 years have opened my eyes to how truly complacent america is, we dont question anything and just accept something as true because its made to look or sound official. Very sad! My heart goes out to that mom!

    2. Yeah but irresponsible people put this qanon crap out there and people that are easily swayed actually believe it.

  3. Can we please see the evidence that he was a Qanon supporter. Not one shread of evidence was given to support this claim. Even if he was his mental illness clearly was the reason for his insane behavior. Some mental illness patients believe they are Jesus. Is that supposed to imply than anyone who believes in Jesus are also mentally ill. The supposed logic here is beyond idiotic.

  4. I deal with mental illness on a day to day basis. It can be deceptive, but it is not undetectable. Based upon my own personal knowledge and experience, it sounds as if this individual is suffering from Schizophrenia of some degree. Of course I am not a professional so anything I said can be attributed to my experiences and not a medical professional.

  5. This is so sad and disturbing…imagine hearing the children screaming as the spears are shot into them…I hope he gets his proper punishment and wish they could do the same to him as he did to his children

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