2 thoughts on “YouTube Suspends Senator Rand Paul

  1. One would think that someone with a medical degree would know that the masks, as stated by the WHO, the CDC, and hundreds of medical professionals, do not protect the wearers from the virus. They are intended to protect others from coughs and sneezes of the wearers, and studies show that they are 75% effective in doing that.

    1. There isn’t any study that show masks work and you know it. The WHO and the CDC have flip flopped on any statement they have ever made. In fact the CDC was just caught inflating the number of deaths from covid, what a shocker. These people who wear masks all the time I would bet don’t change them like they should or wash them if they’re cloth. People are always adjusting them then turn around and touch everything in a store I see it all the time. I have even watched as they pull their mask down to smell fruit touch it to their face and put it back, disgusting!! Rand Paul is right You Tube is wrong as usual, Rand Paul is also a doctor you liberals just pick and choose what you want to call a fact. Right now the countries with the highest vaccination rates have the highest rate of the Delta variant. The CDC and WHO like to spout bs without facts.

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