Woman Films Date with Man Who Claims He Has Been ‘Marginalized’ for Being ‘Straight’

A woman has captured a pretty speedy date with a man who said he felt “marginalised” for being straight.

Posting on TikTok, the woman films herself in a restaurant while a man in the background can be heard saying the cursed phrase.

After he says: “As a straight male, I often feel marginalised,” the woman smiles and thinks for a second before announcing: “I’m going home.”

Reacting to the video – which is captioned “Men can’t live with them can live without them good thing I didn’t waste time getting ready” – many people found the man’s behaviour disgraceful and backed the woman’s decision to leave the date:

One person said: “Proud of you for leaving right away, so many people stay because they feel obligated to.”

Another said: “I’m glad sis saw the red flag and dipped.”

“Y’all r like ‘u proved his point’ do u understand that one singular person not sticking around to listen to ur opinion is not marginalization,” said another.

“I’ll take a wild guess that this man has absolutely no idea what the word marginalized even means,” one user commented.

Some users speculated that the video was fake and questioned why the TikToker had been recording the date.

“I couldn’t tell if this was real or staged but then I saw the pressed men in the comments,” one user said.

And others thought she should for some reason have heard him out:

“Girl could not take any difference in opinions,” one user said.

“Even if you think what he said is absolutely bizarre, men don’t get listened to enough about their feelings. Could’ve had a decent discussion with him,” another commented.

If you want to take a look at the date yourself, you can do so here.

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