Diarrhea Outbreak Leads to NBC Show’s Demise

While NBC executives wrap their heads around the idea that they had to cancel an $18 million Ultimate Slip-N-Slide show because of a diarrhea outbreak, co-host Ron Funches is using the situation as inspiration for new Twitter material. The Harley Quinn star joked that he now wants to be introduced as the “guy who got his show canceled by diarrhea.” Although the show will never air now, Funches said he enjoyed making it with former Saturday Night Live star Bobby Moynihan.

“I changed my diet around years ago and diarrhea still finding a way to mess my life up,” Funches tweeted on Saturday, following reports that NBC completely scrapped the show. “Please introduce me on all upcoming stand-up shows as the guy who got his show canceled by diarrhea.” In another tweet, the comedian called the gig the “best summer job” he ever had. “I’d get diarrhea every day to work with [Moynahan] again. I love you Goo Crew, I’ll miss you Kevin the drone, and I guess the Gophers won,” he wrote, possibly referring to the contestants on the show. Although Funches joked about getting diarrhea himself, it was reported that the hosts were fine after production was halted.

Still the best summer job I ever had. I’d get diarrhea every day to work with @bibbymoynihan again. I love you Goo Crew, I’ll miss you Kevin the drone, and I guess the Gophers won. — Ron Funches (@RonFunches) August 7, 2021

Later, Funches thanked his fellow comedians for their support. “All my comedy acquaintances all [laughing emojis] bout my show getting canceled by poop but I appreciate the true friends who recognize that this was a big opportunity for me and reached out to me,” he wrote. “Much love on that.”

NBC and Universal Television Alternative Studios built a massive set for Ultimate Slip-N-Slide at a remote ranch in Simi Valley, California. Production was shut down on June 2 after at least one person tested positive for giardia, a tiny parasite that causes giardiasis, a diarrheal disease. While water in the well, pond, slide, water truck, and restrooms tested negative for giardia, water in the area tested positive, Universal said in June. There was just a week of filming left to complete before production was shut down.

NBC and Universal were reportedly hoping to find some way to finish the show at another location, but it became clear early on there was no way it would be ready to air after the Tokyo Olympics Closing Ceremony on Sunday, Aug. 8 as planned. Last week, NBC officially said the show would not air before the end of the summer. Universal Television editors were reportedly even planning to find some way to piece the show together without the last five days of filming. Ultimately, NBC opted to scrap the whole thing and the show was canceled on Friday. NBC and Universal reportedly spent $6 million to build the set and committed $18 million to the show in total.

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  1. Could be Karma coming for a network that lies and covers up for democrats. They deserve it just wish they would go broke.

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