2 thoughts on “TikTok Star ‘Timbo the Redneck’ Dies Doing Donuts in Florida

  1. How sad for this family to lose their young son so early in life. I have one question: Where was someone smart enough to see that kid would be thrown out the window doing that stunt if he didn’t have his seat belt on? Was there no one around smart enough to perhaps stop him from doing that craziness?

    If he was my son and was going to try to do that to impress his audience, I would have stopped him and had a serious talk about what was driving his actions (no pun intended).

    The very sad thing is he was doing it to get more viewers and “taking HUGE Chances” had become his life! Eventually a stunt would take him like this did, ending his life as he was just beginning to live it. Very sad for him and sadder for his family who did nothing to stop this crazy stunt BEFORE it killed him. They could still have him alive and walking around. But FATE stepped in and it was over.
    Rest In Peace young Timothy…no stunts needed in Heaven to make people love you — they just love you because you, Timothy, are YOU!

    1. You seriously don’t think his mom told him not to take these kinds of risks? As a mom I tell my kids to be careful, make good choices and not do dangerous things but they don’t always listen. Kids all think they’re invincible and never think something like this will happen to them. I lost a brother in a car accident he took chances he shouldn’t have my parents warned him repeatedly sadly he didn’t listen. To blame those around him when they are all suffering such a loss is nothing short of cruel and says way more about you.

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