Police shoot armed 13-year-old boy who falsely claimed he killed 3 people

A 13-year-old boy was shot and wounded by police in San Bernardino, Calif., Thursday after he fired a gun in a cemetery and falsely claimed he killed three people, police said Friday.

The boy allegedly called the San Bernardino Police Department dispatch center at 1:52 p.m. local time Thursday and reported the fictitious slayings while making an ominous threat to responding officers, police said.

During the phone call placed from Pioneer cemetery, he allegedly fired multiple shots heard by the dispatcher, police said.https://www.dianomi.com/smartads.epl?id=3533

When officers arrived at the scene, they allegedly found the boy armed with a handgun loaded with an extended magazine.

As the officers were preparing to make contact, he allegedly fired an additional shot, police said.

The boy purportedly ignored numerous commands to drop the firearm and was shot and wounded after he allegedly pointed the weapon at officers, according to police.

He was transported to a hospital for treatment, police said. Further investigation determined his claims about killing others were “untrue,” police said.

Investigators allegedly found two handguns, four additional magazines and “a large cache of ammunition” in the boy’s possession, “indicating that he was prepared for a prolonged confrontation,” police said.

Officials did not release any immediate details on how the child obtained the weapons and ammunition.

They did release two grainy photos showing the boy and a bystander in the background and said the investigation remains ongoing.

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  1. Great police work! He wanted to be killed by the police, so help this kid out! Respect his wishes

  2. I would like to know where this kid got the gun and ammo. The parents have some explaining to do since they apparently don’t pay any attention to this kid who seems to have serious problems.

    1. Are you a parent Lisa? Do you know for a fact that the boys parents do not pay attention to their son? Don’t be so quick to judge the parents – even after doing all we can do as parents, our kids can find ways around our vigilance and do wrong. My prayers are with this boy and his parents.

  3. It is not the police’s fault that they had to shoot this child, it is the parents’ for not being there for him and for having so much weapons and ammo on hand where he could get it. The father should have had it locked up where the boy couldn’t get it and had the key on him. The police are not responsible for the parents’ mistakes. Now they have to live with them the rest of their lives but they will do like most people do now and blame the police. I am praying for the officers who were involved in this because they are going to have to go through hell thanks to this child.

  4. Bias reporting….get the facts before coming to a conclusion,..stop blaming the police..blameless parents

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