4 thoughts on “Marjorie Taylor Greene: Southerners to ‘Welcome’ Biden’s ‘Police State Friends’ with Guns

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  2. I’m pretty sure The Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation gives anyone the right to refuse any experimental gene therapy injection. You have a right not to be coerced, intimidated, persuaded, tricked or compel you to receive any experimental gene therapy (covid 19) or any other drug or procedure. You can also swear out a criminal complaint against them as aiding and abetting in a Capital Offense of a Crime against Humanity. This also applies to not only government officials, medical personal and employers that threaten you with termination.

  3. I like Greene! She speaks her mind which functions clearly and concisely! She is only stating exactly what every Freedom loving American is thinking…that this out of control Demonrat govt is AGAIN over stepping its authority!

    But have you noticed how often that old coot in the Oval Office “threatens” Americans, then time goes by and nothing happens? That critical “link” between the threat and action is BROKEN IN ALL DEM GOVTS! In other words, dems are big talkers, but No Show! In Biddyboy’s case, his mind is the BROKEN LINK!

    1. I have a few hashtags I use for a some of them; #fondlingjoe , #horizontalharris , and #pickledpelosi .

  4. Keep poking this administration Marjorie! Face them down until they back away like the frightened little children they are! The dems fall apart when confronted with truths — something they know little about!

    No one is going door to door asking about vaccination status. That would be the stupidest thing biddyboy would ever do in a Nation that has more guns in its Citizen’s hands than in its Military! What are you thinking Biddy?? Want to start Civil War II?

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