5 thoughts on “Man Records Himself Murdering His 94-Year-Old Grandfather – Sent Footage to Family Members

  1. I think that we shouldn’t waste resources on this guy. Don’t send him to prison he should get nothing but the death penalty minutes after being found guilty.

  2. I disagree about giving Donald a lethal injection. That is too quick of a demise! He needs to linger and be reminded of the horrible thing he did to his grandfather!

    Donald is either mentally ill or “demon possessed” and deserves to be put in a straight jacket, tied to a bed in front of a TV where his video of killing his wonderful grandfather plays over and over and over until Donald’s light in his soul goes out!

    If Donald is “Demon Possessed”, just end him! Showing him what he did to Sill will only make him happier and more evil!

    Interesting that Donald has the same mindset as the democrats in the White House — if someone can’t help them or the Radical Left, “GET Rid of Them!” No, love doesn’t exist in the dem’s world…ever!

  3. Yeah I don’t want to feed and house this garbage, we have the death penalty for this type of crime. It wouldn’t matter how long he sat and thought about it he doesn’t have a conscious, he planned this and that apparently didn’t bother him either. This is pure evil.

  4. Authorities at first did not think the death was suspicious. Police and paramedics responded to the Woodlands Retirement Community on June 6, 2019 after Donald made a call about the death, Sgt. Jason Davis testified in a preliminary hearing Thursday, according to The Herald-Dispatch.
    Ok does this answer your question? 2 people now asking why this man wasn’t in a senior care facility HE WAS!!! I have no idea what that matters I have a neighbor that’s 90 and lives alone in her home. Just because you’re in a facility doesn’t mean people can’t come and check you out it isn’t a freaking prison!

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