Mom shares chilling video of ‘possessed’ daughter after spiked drink

A young woman’s horrific spiked drink experience is a stark reminder not to depend on the kindness of strangers.

Now, the victim’s mother is sharing a video of her daughter’s nightmarish ordeal that began on her first night out “clubbing” after turning 18 — the legal drinking age in the UK.

Millie Taplin, of Southend-on-Sea, Essex, was rendered “frozen” for nearly four hours after a man at a bar offered her a cocktail.

Soon, she was being rushed to a hospital after an apparent drugging — “one to paralyze and one to knock her out,” doctors told her distressed mom, Claire Taplin.

“This is what being spiked looks like please be careful when out, my daughter was lucky she had good friends that acted accordingly,” Claire, 48, shared in a blunt Facebook post. “Share this post make people aware.”

Video shows her lying in a hospital bed, searching from side to side as she attempts to make words through her clenched jaw, with her hands raised and fingers bent as if trying to “claw” her way out of the hellish trap.

‘As disturbing as it is, if that saves one girl, just one, then it’s worth sharing.’

Claire Taplin, 48, referencing the scary video of daughter Millie

“She looked possessed,” Claire told the Mirror. “When I made contact with her I could see that she was there, she was trying to me eye contact with me but she couldn’t speak.”

Millie was enjoying her first night of partying as a legal adult on July 31 at a local Southend bar, Moo Moo, when she and a few friends met a group of men, including a few with whom she was familiar.

However, the night took a dark turn when one man with the group offered her a drink, which he described to her as vodka and lemonade.

“I had a couple of sips of the drink and went to the smoking area,” Millie told the UK outlet. “I came back and felt like I’d drunk too much, and then I went outside to be sick.”

Millie’s friends, along with her older sister Sadie, 28, rushed her to the hospital in the early morning hours of Aug. 1.

“I knew everything going on,” said Millie of her paralysis. “I could reply to people in my head but I couldn’t get it out.”

“It was really scary,” she continued. “In my head I was there but in my body I wasn’t. I’ve never felt like that.”

Millie recovered within several hours and discharged later that morning.

Her mom had hoped the traumatic ordeal wouldn’t “stop her from wanting to go out,” she said, but the young woman on the cusp of adulthood separately told the Mirror that she’d never be the same: “I probably won’t be going out much more. I’ll be taking every precaution there is to take.”

Still, her protective mama agreed the video was important to share publicly.

“As disturbing as it is, if that saves one girl, just one, then it’s worth sharing.”

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