14 thoughts on “Mary Trump Just Called Out Meghan McCain – Here’s Why

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  2. This woman needs to get a good psychiatrist to see why she is trading on the family name – do you feel insignificant????? What have you done in your life time that made a difference to anybody?

  3. Why even give Mary Trump a platform to spout her hatred and jealously. The book will , undoubtedly, be total lies. If it is 15 minutes of fame she is searching for—the kind of fame she is getting, she is going to wish she had behaved.

  4. Mary Trump is a loser and angry because of her father’s will. This woman is obviously one of those people that everything is someone else’s fault. Whoever is giving this loser book deals is as pathetic as she is and nobody bought her first book why have her write a second. I’m not a Megan McCain fan but I can see why she wouldn’t waste her time debating someone who is a complete liar.

  5. Mary Trump is a worthless piece of human waste.She is nothing but trash 🗑️ try to live off the coat -tail of Trump and his family.

  6. Never did like Megan McCain, she sounds like an idiot on the view. Mary is telling the truth and many trumpers don’t like it.

    1. Spoken like a true liberal. I don’t like Megan McCain either but Mary Trump is trash and a liar why should Megan waste her time? Mary is a loser who was cut of her fathers will and she’s throwing a fit. I can’t imagine what trash your child has to be to cut her out of your will but Mary could be the poster child for it.

    1. So you think lying trash should be blessed?? Typical liberal just because you don’t like someone you want anything someone like Mary makes up to be true.

  7. Funny I think Mary Trump is the coward such a loser can’t get a job so she sits around making up lies for a paycheck. The only things sadder are those that buy this garbage and liberals who want this to be true yet ignore Hunter’s, Joe’s, Kamala’s, Shiff’s, Nancy’s crimes, pathetic!!!

  8. I Think Tara Setmayer, Gretchen Carlson, Mary Katharine Ham, S. E. Cupp, Ana Navarro, Greta Van Susteren, Ainsley Earhardt, Kristen Soltis Anderson, Juliet Huddy all are Good choice for replaced Meghan McCain for The View 25th season

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