Creep Followed 17-Year-Old as She Jogged – Knocked Her Out Before Fleeing

Cops are looking for a man who allegedly creeped on a 17-year-old girl and put his hands in his pants before knocking her out. This incident happened in Culver City, California. Cops responded at approximately 10 a.m. on Friday.

According to officers, the girl was jogging north on a bike path alongside National Boulevard.

“The suspect seemed to be intently watching her, while one of his hands was in his pants, possibly committing a lewd act,” cops wrote. “The victim became scared and attempted to run away when she was hit in the head with an unknown object.  The victim fell to the ground and momentarily lost consciousness. The victim regained consciousness and saw the suspect ride away north onto National Boulevard.”

The girl was taken to a local hospital and treated for a non-life-threatening injury to her head.

Now police want to catch the man responsible. They describe him as Hispanic, with short black hair, a thin build, wearing black sweatshirt, and camouflage sweatpants on a black bike.

From cops:

Anyone with any information related to this crime is asked to contact Culver City Police Department Public Information Officer Assistant Chief Jason Sims at 310-253-6391 or the Watch Commander at 310-253-6202.

Officers consider this an isolated incident but treat this as a reminder for runners to keep an eye on their surroundings, according to KCAL.

“Stay vigilant, know their surroundings no matter what time of the day that they’re jogging and just keep a phone with them while they’re jogging just in case they don’t feel safe, and they need to contact the police,” said Sgt. Carey Grant.

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