9 thoughts on “‘Our son became our daughter’ Jamie Lee Curtis announces child is transgender

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  2. Yeah, so much BS. The boy is a boy, not a girl.

    Biology, science, psychology.

    What is YOUR SON’S DNA? If he was born with a penis he is ALWAYS a male. No exceptions!

  3. Damn, I wonder if hes going to become a real transgender or keep his package? If he keeps it then hes not a real transgender.

    1. They’re going to adopt, which I find disgusting since I think this is a mental illness. I feel so bad for kids that are forced to grow up with this as a parent.

  4. I am stunned, and so incredibly impressed at the same time, that this world famous thespian Jamie Lee Curtis, known for her remarkable cinematic masterpiece “Freaky Friday”, or whatever, is announcing in public that her son has now decided that he’s a girl instead, and wants to be called Ruby instead of his real name given to him/her at birth! Who cares a toss? Or who cares about a washed out has been of an “actress” like Ms. Curtis! Why is this even anything to write about, are we supposed to find this newsworthy or even remotely interesting?

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