3 thoughts on “Chris Cuomo Fights California Restaurant Owner During CNN Interview

  1. If that’s Roman’s definition of “freedom,” I wonder if he allows his staff and servers to exercise their “freedom” to not wash their hands after using the toilet? If he requires hand-washing and a clean kitchen, is that not infringing on the “freedom” of those who work for him who wish to be clean? Does Roman exercise his “freedom” to not keep his restaurant up to health department codes and regulations?

    1. I think your comment is one of the dumbest I have seen. Not even the same thing but you liberals always have to go off in another direction totally leaving the topic behind. Just saw today the CDC is withdrawing the test that counts the flu and covid as the same. So all those covid positive tests were bs since they grouped the flu in there, so now we know why nobody got the flu last year. Also the test they’re using for the so called Delta variant isn’t any different than the test for original covid so how do they know it’s the Delta variant????????? God you liberals will buy any BS they cram down your throat.

      1. If nobody caught the flu last year what was grouped with covid to make you believe nobody caught the flu? Your words. !

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