3 thoughts on “‘This Is Everybody’s Children’: Family of White Teen Killed by Police Joins Calls for Reform

  1. As always the reporting onley says what they want you to believe mind games there is more to the story put the whole truths out.

  2. This story says nothing about anything. Why did the cop shoot him. I know he didn’t just get out of his car and start shooting. What’s up with the report guys? Lets tell the whole story.

  3. I also would like to know the whole story this just doesn’t make sense. I know there are a few bad cops but I support law enforcement and believe the majority are good cops. I always ask the same question when someone is shot by police and that’s what did they do? It doesn’t matter their skin color there is always more to the story than what the family says. I have seen way too many times the family talks as if their kid walks on water only to find out that is hardly the case.

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