Woman Sent 65,000 Texts To A Man After Their First Date And Then Broke Into His House To Take A Bath

Be careful who you meet online — you could wind up receiving thousands texts after just one date, or have your house broken into. In this case, one woman was accused of both.

In 2018, Jacqueline Claire Ades, 33, was accused of sending 65,000 text messages to a man she went on one date with the previous year. 

When a reporter asked her about sending the man so many messages, she replied, “That’s it? To me it seemed like more.” 

According to the Washington Post, the reporter asked if she thought that was a bit “excessive.” 

“Love is an excessive thing,” she responded.

Ades said she knew her statements were “crazy,” but stood by them. “If [he] wants me to go to jail, I should be in jail,” Ades told reporters. “I appreciate it. He’s the light, I’m the love. He knows what to do and I follow the rules.”

Ades met the man on Luxy, an online dating site for millionaires. The two met for one date in January 2017, and then the harassment began.

Paradise Valley police became involved in July 2017, when the man reported that Ades was harassing him via text messaging. Ades sent the man many disturbing messages over 17 months, sometimes up to 500 texts in one day, the police report stated.

“Don’t ever try to leave me… I’ll kill you… I don’t wanna be a murderer!” the alleged texts read. “I hope you die… rotten filthy Jew… lololol Im like the new Hitler… man was a genius,” Ades reportedly sent. “I’d wear ur fascia n the top of your skull n ur hands n feet,” read another text, according to the police report.

As you would expect, the man feared for his safety.

At the time, he “stated that he is out of the country currently but that he is legitimately concerned for his safety when he returns,” the police report said.The man blocked Ades on the dating app, which may have been a big mistake. Ades took this as a sign to move from Florida to Arizona, near where he lived.

“I told him that if he ever blocked me on this app, that I would come move here,” the woman told reporters. “And he blocked me, so I came here.”

Ades didn’t stop at texting. In April 2018, she broke into the man’s Arizona home and proceeded to take a bath. On April 8, the man was out of town when he checked his home surveillance system. To his surprise, Ades was taking a bath in his home.

He called the police and when they arrived, she was in the man’s bathtub, like he had said. She was arrested and charged with felony trespassing.

The police were also called to the man’s business on May 4, 2018 when Ades showed up and claimed to be his wife. Bystanders reported she was “acting irrationally and claiming to be the owner’s wife.”

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Ades was then arrested on charges of threatening, stalking, and harassment. 

“I felt like I met my soul mate and everything was just the way it was,” Ades said in an interview with the media at the time. “I thought we would do what everybody else did, and we would get married, and everything would be fine, but that’s not what happened.”

When asked if she was crazy, Ades simply said, “No, I am the person that discovered love.” She was held without bond.

In 2020, it was revealed that the charges against Ades had been dropped. In 2019, mental health professionals had been allowed to evaluate her mental competency and if she fully understood the charges that were brought against her.

Ades was found to be mentally incompetent, so her charges were dismissed. Her court appointed attorney said in a statement, “I feel that justice was served. Obviously, she’s mentally ill, and I hope that she’s able to get the necessary treatment.”

Ades stayed at a health center for a little while after, and then her parents moved her back to Florida where she would be receiving further treatment. She is also not allowed any contact with the man that she was stalking.

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