9 thoughts on “‘You Are the Worst Human Being’ – Tucker Carlson Confronted at Store

  1. So, let me see if I understand this correctly…This dope thinks he’s some kind of heroic big deal, because he told off a television celebrity with whom he disagrees? My guess is that Dan spends his life telling off helpless kds and little old ladies, too. If anyone cared what Dan Bailey thinks, it seems he’d have his own television show.

  2. Another fool brainwashed by the lying media who can’t deal with some truth for once.

  3. Hey Dan you must be a proud American telling off a man in front of his daughter. You are lower then the scum in Tuckers toilet

  4. Dan Bailey, you are an embarrassment, and do not speak for the majority in our country. Real hero there telling off someone in front of their child. Shame on you, you are a small man….

  5. What’s funny is, this “tough guy”, backed down like the p****y he is. Tucker would have murdered this fake a** clown.

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