Anti-vaxxer, 34, defiantly live tweets himself dying from Covid

An anti-vaxxer aged in his 30s, who even after being hospitalised with Covid-19 proclaimed he still would not get vaccinated, has reportedly died from the virus.

Stephen Harmon, 34, from southern California died after being hospitalised with Covid-19 earlier this month.

The 34-year-old was part of the Hillsong Church and his death was confirmed by the church’s founder and pastor Brian Houston on Twitter.

“Ben has just passed on to us the devastating news that our beloved friend, Stephen Harmon has passed away from Covid. Heartbreaking,” Houston tweeted.

The controversial founder of the scandal-plagued megachurch, who lives in Sydney, has since deleted the tweet.

On Instagram, Houston said Harmon was a graduate from Hillsong College and was “vital” to the church in California.

“He was one of the most generous people I know and he had so much in front of him. He would always turn up to our grandkids soccer games and he will be missed by so many,” he said.

The Hillsong founder mourned the news on Twitter before later deleting the post. Source: Twitter
The Hillsong founder mourned the news on Twitter before later deleting the post. Source: Twitter

Harmon’s social media accounts have since been made private, however screenshots of his tweets continue to be shared online. They show the details of his final days as he live tweeted his losing battle with Covid-19.

“If you’re having email problems, I feel bad for you, son. I got 99 problems but a vax ain’t one,” Harmon tweeted last month.

Despite his later health predicament, he remained defiantly anti-vaccine. A stance that almost certainly cost him his life.

According to KABC, Harmon said on Instagram, while he was in the hospital with Covid, he would not be getting the vaccine once he was released.

On July 12, Harmon tweeted an update to his followers regarding his health, saying it was “not the greatest update”.

“Still diagnosed w/ Covid, pneumonia + now bacterial pneumonia cause you know, go hard or go home,” he wrote.

He added he had just had a conversation about what should be done if he became unconscious, as his “oxygen dependency is worse”.

In another tweet, he asked for people to pray for him, as he was on “max oxygen” and had been asleep all day.

“If my oxygen crashes again they will have to intubate me or I risk significant brain damage from going unconscious and it’s possible I may not come back,” he said.

“I’ve seen the miraculous before but I need a miracle to happen, now!”

‘Don’t know when I’ll wake up. Please pray’

He added he had two panic attacks “out of nowhere” and he was fighting for his life, trying to remain calm and control his breathing.

Then on July 21, he tweeted another update to his followers.

“I’m choosing to going [sic] under intubation, I’ve fought this thing as hard as I can but unfortunately it’s reached a point of critical choice and as much as I hate having to do this, I’d rather it be willingness [sic] than forced emergency procedure,” Harmon tweeted.

“Don’t know when I’ll wake up, please pray.”

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  1. My choice as well. I’d rather die from c-19 than fear the side effects of the vaccine. God is in control, and when it’s my(our) time, we will go knowing He has promised us a better place and not accepted the mark of the beast.

  2. What I do not understand: There are 4 meds he could have been given to cure COVID – the Doctors who failed him should be prosecuted for MURDER and MURDER 1 if they did not treat him with the drugs that could most likely have cured him as they have thousands of others.
    This anti MEDICATION is far worse than Anti VAX because there are not vaccinations and you still get sick, get covid, get the flu and then ape holes Practicing witchcraft doctors let people die in their pride and ego

    1. Sorry for your lost as I read this article I cried for him it’s a shame they didn’t try harder all Ives matter he will be missed by so many he would probably be alive if he was one of the Democrats family member they don’t care about us they care about linking there pickets and supporting China that had caused this God Bless this young man

  3. He did not die from Covid since Covid 19 is just the common cold. But if you go to a hospital i can guarantee you will not walk out no matter what you are in there for ! The hospital are part of this death agenda – I’ve seen it over and over. If he got the proper meds for Covid and pneumonia he would have been out and clear in a week ! But they are holding back the real cures for these things. But they won’t tell you that – their job is to get that poison Jab into you ! Millions have died form it thus far and many more millions will die from that Mark of the Beast Jab in the next year who have already taken it !

    1. Are you telling me that everyone who is admitted to the hospital dies? This is the most insane thing I have ever heard. As a nurse, I have discharged many people who walked out the door……I cannot understand how you or anyone else have come to believe this.

  4. There is no way they would have offered him the vaccine when he was sick with covid. They would have had to use one of the drugs available to treat it and why they didn’t isn’t explained.

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