3 thoughts on “Senate Votes to Make Women Register for Draft

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  2. When I served in the Navy during the Vietnam Conflict, I did not see combat directly. I still cannot discuss much of what I did, as some of it is still classified, but I can say it involved nuclear energy. Other than a couple of jobs that required heavy lifting, none of the other roles aboard ship could not have been done by women. If we do instate the draft, we would have to ensure that as many women are drafted as men, in order to keep it fair. With modern technology, we will probably require far fewer ‘boots on the ground’ in hostile areas than were needed in the past, so that opens up even more roles for both sexes.

    1. Ships?! You’re clueless! The battle today is mainly on the land and will be for many yrs to come. A LOT of women either have no interest to be put through the rigger or are NOT equipped to carry the A.L.I.C.E pack loads of 97-135. Freaking absurd! Not to mention the complete and utter torture your daughters, nieces, and granddaughters will have to face by radical enemies like China, Iran, Russia or North Korea. This looks like an obvious need for wartime bodies(b/c so many are leaving under this crapshow administration) and/or pop control by the mad evil leftists in our legislature. You will always need boots on the ground… like fewer numbers justifies this demonic move initiated by the left! Just look at the amount of lives lost due to ground combat since Bush’s 9/11!

  3. One thing you can count on is that whether the military, not just the navy, is made more or less battle ready is of no concern to the woke leadership. It’s all leftist ideology all the time. They’ll be just as happy being ruled by China as not.

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