6 thoughts on “FBI Looks into Brett Kavanaugh… 2 Years Later

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  2. Still drinking the koolaid , you consider yourself a writer of truth? Even you dont believe the crap you write. Take an ethics course, you need it

    1. Anonymous
      Now if anyone is drinking the koolaid it is the people who wanted a Conservative on the SCOTUS, never caring what he did or did not do, just put him on the Court so the Conservatives have a super majority. I lived in the area where Kavanaugh went to school and they at the time were all above reproach and the police stayed out of everything happening at that private school, and there was a lot that was horrible which happened there, only because short of murder the police would never investigate any complaint.

  3. It has already been proven that the FBI under the Trump Administration did exactly what Trump wanted them to do and how. It was leaked after the Kavanaugh supplemental investigation, that the directive was to requestion only the people already questioned previously, Trumps White House in their request directed the FBI as to what was to be done. Just like in the Military, you follow the orders of the people above you, or you are punished in some way. No organization lets people do as they please it is called span of control, and people who work for you follow it. There should be a complete and up dated investigation into the matter, mainly becuse th people on the SCOTUS are suppose to be above reproach in every way. One thing that is obvious from talking to everyone who knows Kavanaugh, he is a control freak, who has to control everything and everyone.

  4. You are quite the scholar I see with the mental intelligence of a mushroom! Your language says it all to everyone who would even try to read the garbage that you spew out of your sick brain! Abortion should have been a requirement for your mother while she was pregnant with you! You are mentally unfit to even possess a pencil let alone any other writing mechanism in your possession! Complete idiot!!

  5. Don’t believe half of this! Shame on all the Trump haters – I hope they are happy with Obama’s third term, the cackling ho and the demented President. Good luck fellas!

  6. I suggest you quit using the F word so often in your articles. I believe you to be inept in the writing arena and should go back to school to learn how to write well. This whole article is BS.

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