10 thoughts on “Biden tells crowd: “I don’t care if you think I’m Satan reincarnated.”

  1. never should have been elected and put into office–both are the 2 worst jerks ever to cheat on – in the election–they are ruining this country

    1. My opinion and that of many Americans is that the election was rigged by the shadowy, demonic Left. It suits their agenda. Biden is not in charge.

  2. Now I am certain Joke Biden is the anti-Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Once again ..the idiot rises .the cites ARE supposed to be what determines who wins!! Dems make up their own rules.

  4. He doesn’t care because it’s true. According to The Bible, Satan is a liar. Joe Biden is a liar AND an idiot. His solution to the border crisis is “don’t come” while drug cartels and millions of illegal immigrants come into this country, putting Border Patrol Agents and American citizens lives at risk. Has Mr. Biden been examined for Dementia lately???

      1. Way to redirect. Maybe Trump wasn’t all that great but that doesn’t mean that gives this clown a free pass. When you mess up you should fess up to it and move on in a better direction. This one doesn’t seem able to realize he’s made a mistake.

      2. A Saint is just a sinner saved by God’s grace. Saint’s are repentant sinners who have pujt their trust in Christ Jesus and His atoning work. The letters of the Apostles are letters “to the Saints.” He is speaking to confessing and believing Christ followers of the New Testament age.

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