7 thoughts on “Twitter Slams Preacher After Pictures Surface of His Newest Luxury Purchase

  1. Whatever happened to live simply and help the poor? I guess no one told him about this. Shame on him!!!!

  2. He has absolutely no shame, remember the hurricane scandal? All he is…….is a motivational speaker calling himself a pastor. Fake, fake, fake nothing more.

  3. It’s blasphemy to live in such oppulence when this overindulge is what gives christianity a bum rap! A 10+ million home is way beyond what is necessary to live a comfortable life! He is basically fleecing his congregation and laughing all the way to the bank! Any mega pastor that does the same should be ashamed at themselves! When their conscious is seared, no amount of shame will bother their greedy life style!

    1. And the people who fill his pockets are IDIOTS. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. What a racket Joel has going for him. TOTAL CRAP.

  4. Anyone seen the new HBO show, “The Gemstones” (the title to the best if my memory) staring John Goodman. The first episode was awesome, taking viewers to the inside track of a mega church and ministry, including taking in parishioners’ money. The whole family had mega mansions and a fleet of expensive vehicles. I wonder who or what was HBO writers’ inspiration?

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