Elderly Woman Killed After Being Dragged 100 Feet

North Carolina woman was killed Friday afternoon after she was dragged 100 feet underneath a car in a hospital parking structure.

Raleigh police said that at 3.15pm, Mary Albrecht, 78, of Angiers was walking to her car parked in a handicapped spot on the first floor of the Duke Raleigh Hospital parking structure.

She was about 50 feet away from her car, police said, when she tripped and fell on a speed bump and fell onto her back. 

As she lay on the ground, authorities said a car, driving at a speed of around 10 miles per hour, was coming down the ramp from the second floor of the parking structure, and was turning to head down the first-floor ramp, when he ran over the speed bump and Albrecht simultaneously. 

Albrecht was dragged 100 feet before finally coming to a stop, the North Carolina News & Observer reported.  

Police said the unnamed driver was a man from Knightdale, and was likely unable to see Albrecht on the ground past his car and past visual obstructions in the parking structure. 

Authorities said they didn’t suspect drugs or alcohol to be a factor in the fatal accident, but would not say whether the driver would be charged as the investigation into Albrecht’s death was ongoing. 

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  1. That’s sad he didn’t see her, those speed bumps are bad I’ve tripped on a few myself

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