Harris warns Democrats about ‘slim’ majorities in Congress ahead of 2022

Vice President Kamala Harris reminded fellow Democrats on Friday about the “slim” majority they carry in the House and Senate ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

During a California-themed “virtual DNC fundraiser,” Harris also warned about several Republican-led states that have or are attempting to pass voter reform legislation, according to press pool reports.

She spoke to Democrats fighting to keep their majority in the Senate — currently maintained by 48 members and two independents who caucus, which allows Harris to be a tiebreaking vote — and the current nine-seat advantage in the House.

“Our majorities in the House and the Senate are incredibly slim. OK? They are. And we know that Democrats are going to need big voter turnout in 2022 to hang on to the House and the Senate,” Harris said.

Harris, who formerly served as attorney general in the state, was introduced by the Golden State Lt. Gov Eleni Kounalakis during the event. The fundraiser was attended by a “few hundred” donors and party members, a DNC official said.

Harris called on event attendees to “fight back against these anti-voter efforts with everything we have,” referring to voter security legislation passed in at least 14 states controlled by Republicans.

Democrats took aim at voting legislation passed in Georgia this year, a state former President Donald Trump lost in 2020, claiming the restrictions supported by Republicans in the name of election security are akin to a revival of Jim Crow-era racism. The Biden Justice Department announced a lawsuit against Georgia over the changes, with Attorney General Merrick Garland arguing they would restrict the rights of black Georgians.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy often points out the Democrats’ slim majority in the lower chamber as he sets a goal for the GOP to win the majority in the 2022.

Harris previously participated in a donor event held on June 30. The Democratic National Committee raised $12.1 million in May fundraising, according to the most recent campaign finance report.

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  1. If the Biden Administration can’t get a handle on things those “slim” majorities will be just a fond memory.

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