10 thoughts on “War Vet Dies after Carjackers Beat Him in Broad Daylight

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  2. May they find Christ – turn themselves in or go to hell by reaping what they sowed

  3. Thank you Geriatric Joe and your insane Democrat for colleagues, for your “Defund the Police, Critical Race Theory, and Catch and Release” tactics. You are really showing the world why we stop you and your ilk before its too late.

  4. Keith Cooper did two combat tours with the Marines. He fought in died in Chicago when attacked by thieves.

  5. The guys who beat this man are cowards, how hard is it to beat up a 73 year old man. Who raises trash like this who would beat a senior citizen? I would guess one of those moms who has many children, started having them at 15 and none of the dads stuck around so they fended for themselves. Chicago is a sh**hole run by democrats who have destroyed it. The mayor is a racist loser besides being the most unattractive person I think I have ever seen.

  6. And no comment that the victim and the murderers were all black? I guess that can’t be called racist?
    Lightfoot is a disaster and will blame outsiders somehow!

  7. All Democrats, left wing liberals, socialists and most feminists are racist losers with peasized brains, who never had an original idea in their heads during their entire lives on this earth!

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