2 thoughts on “Evidence of Extinct Extraterrestrial Civilizations “Echo Throughout the Milky Way”

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  2. Like most experts’ thoughts, this is all wishful thinking in theories. Everyone is an expert until proven wrong and no degree is required. My expert analysis and theory says there is no life outside this planet. Genesis lays out the plan for this planet to sustain life.

    1. And mine is that Genesis, even if its authority is assumed, was never meant to be taken that literally; not a science text nor in the usual sense a construction blueprint! And what about “other sheep not of this flock”? Maybe not just gentiles, but who knows what else, from who knows where else? Sure would be a waste of space and possibilities not to have more than just us! Or is God so small and so limited by our limits that all he can handle is us? Not making ourselves so central actually leaves more room for God to be the center!

      None of which has any particular relevance to speculation about alien civilizations (which are neither angels nor demons, BTW, although if you assume the latter exist, they may well take advantage of all manner of gullible people). Although since such speculation is a matter of odds of various factors about which we still know very little, it’s more an exercise in entertainment, or at most of what do we most need to know more about to be able to improve the guess, than anything else.

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