10 thoughts on “Woman Leaves Newborn to Die in Dumpster – She’s Found 14 Years Later

  1. How do you murder your child and throw it away as trash? She deserves to go to jail for Years !!! She actually deserves the death penalty but we know that won’t happen in this world today.

  2. In today’s world Governor Northam would have just said it was ok because it was an afterbirth abortion. So sad.

  3. If this happened in 2007, she was 14 years old! She may have been frightened. She was barely more than a child at the time. It is a sad story, She may have been raped or seduced. We do not know all the details here.

    1. It said she was now 44 which would have made her 30 in 2007. A 30 year old knows right from wrong even a 14 year old would know that’s wrong.

  4. That child should not have been dumped like trash, I don’t care how old the mother was she should know right from wrong, she deserves to die just like her baby did.

  5. She deserves to be treated like ANY OTHER murderer out there!!! She made the choice to let that little baby DIE it a bag when she was 30 years old!!! How horriable of a death for a baby to be sufficated in a bag throw in a dumpster??? They need to stuff her in a big plastic bag and drop her into a dumpster out in the middle of NOWHERE!!! and leave her to die a slow death knowing the fear that child felt!!! Period!

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