4 thoughts on “Toddler Dies at Dentist after an ‘Unanticipated Reaction to Medicine’

  1. She did as his mother fail him. What 3 year old has teeth extracted and I am allergic to LIDOCAINE and how would they know and his little body,, the amount and so on. Make me sick and the two people should be held accountable.

    1. His mother didn’t fail him, what an awful thing to say. We don’t know why he had to have teeth extracted maybe they were hurting him.
      Sometimes things happen and they are truly accidental, there isn’t always someone to blame. You must be a person to say such horrible things.

  2. Probably has malignant hyperthermia. It’s an inherited trait. My family has it. I’ve had a cousin die with it when he was 11. We can’t tolerate any anesthesia. It’s a blood and muscle disease. When given anesthesia our bodies can’t release potassium or magnesium from the blood to the muscles. It then quickly causes muscle burn out. It can affect any muscle including the heart making it look like a heart attack

  3. Try not to sit in Judgement of others as this mother is probably going to feel she failed her child for the rest of her life… We will be judged the same as we judge so best to remember this . Little guy might have some disorder that made his teeth go bad or might have had a fall as I did as a kid and fell face down on the rail lines as my older brother tried to pull me along to keep up with him and instead of getting home before dad we ended up in the dentists rooms while he pulled two teeth and remade one that split away..and was hanging by the nerve so don’t be quick to vent venom Sometimes things that are stressful in our own lives make us too quick to accuse others.

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