McDonald’s Worker Takes ‘Brutal Beating’

Investigators are on the hunt for three suspects after a McDonald’s worker was given a “brutal beating” in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, the city’s police department said Sunday.

In a statement issued on Wilkes-Barre City Police Department’s Facebook page, law enforcement released surveillance photos of three men accused of assaulting the employee at the restaurant along East Northampton Street.

Police did not say when the alleged assault took place and have not released the current condition of the victim.

The statement asked anyone with information about the case to contact Officer Hartman on or 570 208-4125.

The popular fast food outlet has been the scene of several criminal incidents.

On July 9, a woman in Worcester, Massachusetts, was reportedly arrested following an intense police chase after she stopped for food at a local McDonald’s drive-thru.

Police said 38-year-old Johanna Gardell was caught by officers pursuing her for allegedly stealing a company car in Worcester, which is located about 42 miles outside of Boston.

“Officers spoke with a male who reported that a female stranger climbed into his vehicle and drove away,” the police department said. “The company owner had GPS in the vehicle and told police the vehicle was showing up in the area of Pelham St.”

When officers caught up with Gardell and the stolen vehicle, she reportedly drove away as an officer approached the car.

Police said Gardell continued to hurl through red lights at high speed before retiring to the drive-thru to get some food. She hit another vehicle trying to escape from police and ended up crashing.

On June 30, a mother found drugs inside her 11-year-old son’s McDonald’s Happy Meal, leading to two staff members to be charged.

The mother from Auburn, Maine, was shocked to find Suboxone in the box after leaving the fast-food restaurant.

According to police, the drug fell into the box by accident.

However, two McDonald’s employees were reportedly fired and charged in connection with the incident.

Footage showed that the employee had Suboxone in his shirt pocket while preparing the meal, police said. When he bent over to retrieve something from the counter, the Suboxone—along with a Bic pen—fell into the Happy Meal box unnoticed.

Police claim that the employee didn’t notice the missing Suboxone until the incident was later brought to the attention of the store.

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  1. In regard to the woman who killed the little baby and left it in a dumpster, and was caught 14 years later, crime doesn’t always pay here, but in the here after it will never pay!

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