5 thoughts on “Plan to Reinstate Donald Trump as President Handed Out at CPAC

  1. “The card also refers to the widely debunked conspiracy theory that the 2020 election was fraudulent, which has been rejected dozens of times in court.”

    Cases were “rejected” but they were not heard, thus nothing has ever been “debunked”. The mountains of evidence have never been examined in a court, heard by a jury, or ruled on by a judge. They simply refuse to hear the cases.

    This viewpoint is literally insane.

    Evidence is submitted.
    Evidence is rejected.
    Claim is made that there is no evidence.

    This “article” features uninformed “opinion” as fact. This site no longer has credibility.

    1. Edward M Wolfe
      Now where exactly is this mountain of evidence you speak of after about 7 months not one actual hard evidence has been proven in any way, and besides courts only hear cases after ther Law Enforcement has investigated and proven the allegations are correct, now after over 1000 investigations by local and Federal Law enforcement with members of both political parties involved, not one of those allegations have proven to be accurate in any way shape or form.
      Now if Trump actually had hard evidence, why did he not get law enforcement involved, even Trump knows when you have a violation of the law you call the law enforcement not the courts to report your concerns.

  2. Life imitates art – or, maybe this is “Fan Fiction” telling us the future – –

    (1.) Short story – – Military coup d’etat from the bottom up, wherein
    White, Asian, and Hispanic soldiers reinstate President Trump to his
    rightful office – –

    (2.) Full Length Novel – – Military coup d’etat from the top down, wherein
    the Joint Chiefs force Congress to temporarily accept President Trump as
    the Speaker of the House.. and you know the rest. Funny stuff in this
    novel, not the least of which is Biden’s dementia.

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