Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Cut Off Son Chet Financially Due to Drinking and Weed Habit

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson allegedly have cut off their son Chet Hanks financially. On the reason why, the “Empire” star’s ex-girlfriend Kiana Parker claimed that he has fallen off the wagon.

Kiana made the revelation when speaking to Radar. “Our relationship was OK, but he wasn’t OK,” she first spilled. “He wasn’t treating me bad, he was just dealing with his mom and dad cutting him off because he started drinking and smoking weed again, and that wasn’t in their rule book to support him. So they cut him off.”

“His apartment was up, his roommate was moving and he didn’t have anywhere to go,” she added. “[I helped him find an apartment] to be there when nobody was. He would have bad days when he would get texts from his parents and fight so many demons and so many issues.”

Kiana said that during their relationship, she kept “pouring love, support [and] being there for [him]” to get through his dark times. However, she admitted that she couldn’t help him because she learned that “[we] can’t fight anyone else’s demons.”

“He’s been – he’s still to this day, I don’t care what anyone says, I know him – he’s fighting a lot of childhood demons. A lot,” she stressed. “That’s the main problem with him is his parents. It’s not perfect like the world thinks. So he’s dealing with that and was dealing with trying to stay sober with no drinking, but he’s back doing that.”

Kiana went on to divulge that she and her former beau even talked “about marriage” before their relationship “ended so different than what [she] expected.” Though so, she managed to find a silver lining in the wake of their breakup.

“I’m OK with it. I’m actually happy. I’m happy that I’m not fighting anyone else’s demons. That’s really deep. I didn’t really know [what he was going through] until I met him, but you can’t do that. It’s not healthy for you,” she pointed out. “I have two daughters that are incredible and look up to me.”

Kiana also believed that the video of Chet with a cut on his forehead was just a fabrication. “He’s an actor, so the first thing he turned on was his acting cards,” she stated. “He wanted to paint this picture, but I don’t have it in my heart to stab anyone. … He knows that didn’t take place. The truth will come out. I just want justice for this.”

Kiana has been suing Chet for $1 million for allegedly physically and verbally abusing her during their relationship. Chet himself has filed a lawsuit against Kiana for allegedly charging at him with a knife, stealing his money and racking up on his credit cards to pay for her rent.

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  1. “Poor” kid, he had everything in the world yet he blames his parents for his demons instead of being a man and taking responsibility for his behavior.

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