Police Sergeant Sentenced to 40 Years for Murdering Wife

A former sergeant with the Houston Police Department was sentenced to 40 years in prison Friday, June 25, for the shooting death of his wife in 2019, KTRK-TV reports.

According to the Houston Chronicle, officers from the Pearland Police Department responded to a call on the 1900 block of Canyon Creek Court on March 23, 2019, after a family member found Belinda Hernandez, a librarian at Shadycrest Elementary School, dead in her kitchen.

Hilario Ramos Hernandez was apprehended hours later near in Kingsville, Texas, southwest of Corpus Christi.

KTRK reported at the time Hilario Hernandez was relieved of duty from the Houston Police Department without pay after his arrest. He had reportedly been with the department for more than 30 years.

According to a 2019 Houston Chronicle report, the night before Belinda was found dead, Belinda and Hilario’s daughter, her husband and a family friend were having dinner at the Hernandezes’ home. Hilario became upset over “perceived flirting” between Belinda and the family friend, the Chronicle reports.

Hernandez’s daughter reportedly later texted Belinda, but became concerned when Belinda did not respond. The daughter reportedly called Belinda’s cellphone and Hilario answered, saying she was “fine” and then hung up. The daughter reportedly went back to her parents’ house the next day and discovered Belinda in the kitchen, the Chronicle reports.

Police officers reportedly found a handgun on the kitchen counter and shell casings in the kitchen.

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