6 thoughts on “Man Attacks Carriage Horses in Central Park

  1. Really too bad these horses didn’t stomp this moron into the ground. NYPD won’t anything because of lack of evidence they have witnesses. So just let this loser continue attacking animals and people until someone is seriously hurt. New York is a lost cause I have no idea why anyone wants to live in that sewer.

    1. I was assaulted at my job by an angry woman, it was captured on video, and the police did absolutely nothing. I had to get surgery because of this woman and the Prince George’s County Police in Hyattsville, MD was so idiotic that they asked me if I wanted her trespassed off the property. She was pissed off because I couldn’t release the car to her — but it wasn’t her car. That was over 10 years ago and I just say it’s the police officers that don’t want to do anything that is the problem.

    2. I wondered about why anyone would live in NY, back in 1962. I have been back there about three time since, but not on my dime! It wasn’t any better at any time.

  2. Somebody must have a picture of this. They can get a picture of a white person bothering. Black person. Why not a person harming an animal. Come on bystander. Speak up. An then go to animal cruelty. They will certainly do something. Put these jerks back in jail you stupid mayor DeBlasio. Do your job get your city under control or GET OUT

  3. Horses are very tough. Assault by fist or foot from a human will be of no real consequence to them. The knife is a different threat, however.
    If the carriage drivers have their long whips, a slash across the perp’s face would be appropriate.

  4. People that do these things are mentally ill. Bring back the mental health institutions so the police have somewhere to take them.

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