What This Man Saw When He ‘Died’ From A Drug Overdose

A man has described the completely bizarre out-of-body experience he had while he lay dying from a drug overdose – and also says he ‘died four times’.

So, obviously he didn’t die from the overdose, as thankfully he’s here to tell the tale, but he does have some pretty strange stories to tell from the world that he claims he experienced beyond.

Jacob Botica had an adverse reaction to taking crack cocaine while in his car, and found himself on the point of death.

He explained what he felt and saw during his overdose, and some of it is pretty damn scary.

Speaking on his mate Harry Jowsey’s Tap In podcast, he explained how he was in so much pain that he wanted to leave the car and bash his head in on the pavement.

“I remember shrieking, ‘Somebody please kill me,'” he said.

He said that he was terrified of dying alone – aren’t we all? – and started to witness himself in the third person, curling up in a ball and ‘shedding’ his skin.

Jacob said: “I was watching myself being watched by these five entities that were my own inner thoughts.”

Credit: Tap In Podcast/YouTube
Credit: Tap In Podcast/YouTube

The characters were a mother, a teenager, a young girl, a father and a ‘shadowy demon’.

Sounds trippy as hell, and terrifying.

He explained how the characters began heckling him, shouting things like ‘you don’t deserve to live’.

Jacob continued: “I can hear everything and I’m like, ‘Cut it out, guys.’

“The last thing I remember is having these transitions from first person to third person and back again.

“I started saying, like, ‘F*** it, bring it on, I’m ready.’ Just completely accepted it. And as soon as I said that to myself, the pain went.”

Then, he blacked out and saw himself in space, somewhere that he calls ‘the womb of the universe’.

“It was basically a psychedelic trip, man,” he said.

“This sounds crazy every time I say it to someone, but I literally lived in that place longer than I’ve lived on Earth.

“That’s why life to me now is, like, so bizarre. Because I’ve been somewhere else longer than I’ve been here.

“It was this journey of self-discovery.”

Credit: Pexels
Credit: Pexels

He then said that a figure told him that wisdom doesn’t come from age, but from experience and the amount of ‘energy cycles’ that a person has been through.

Jacob added: “I remember asking this question and it’s the one question he didn’t answer.

“He said, ‘It’s time for you to go back now.’

“I said, ‘Why?’ and he said, ‘Cos you need to find the answer to that question.'”

Jacob got really lucky.

He’d driven to somewhere quiet to take drugs, but he was discovered by a bus driver heading back to the depot via an alternative route.

Credit: Tap In Podcast/YouTube
Credit: Tap In Podcast/YouTube

Jacob said: “Had he not found me, the ambulance never would have got to me in time to put me in the ICU.

“But even though I got there, I died four times and on the fourth time they said, ‘Ah we can’t bring him back.’

“They’d literally called my mum and said, ‘Sorry, he’s dead. Can you come and ID the body?’

“And then I just came alive.”

Wow. Sounds like one hell of a journey.

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