4 thoughts on “Rise of the Moors: armed group says it’s not subject to U.S. law

  1. They sound like the people Biden is letting in from other countries at the boarder

  2. These are nothing more than Islamic Cultists who believe they are above all laws. How is it they believe in Moroccan laws in the 1700’s but nit in the laws of the land they live in? Arent we all subject to those of the land we live in? But Not Islamics, these are Turks who slaughtered women and children in Armenia, they are the termites of the lands of the Taliban, the Book Haram parasites, these are murderous, scavenging animals with Anti Social behavior who legitimize their barbarian behavior based on egos, spiritual deadness and thinking they are going to be gods and rule plants when they are gone. They are Islamic demons in skin suits and the government has given them a free pass, not taking them seriously and allow their mounting numbers to invade us- These are the people you should worry about – Islamics calling themselves by another sir name

  3. They need to bring back Mental Institutions for people who live in a pretend world and are dangerous to themselves and others

  4. When the government closed the mental institutions, it was the beginning of the homeless problems. while I know there are some out there who became homeless due to other issues, those people can be helped to become productive members of society. If all the druggies, alcoholics and the mentally ill was rounded up and given a chance of recovery for the first two groups and the last group needs to be put away and medicated. Now all the states do is throw money at the problem, but there are no solutions.

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